Sunday, December 06, 2009


Anyone who has been trying to read Morningsider in the past several months knows that I have been posting rarely and not particularly commenting on events of any kind. For example, my most recent post, on November 15th, was about Chinese characters in a photograph on the front page of the New York Times. Before that,
  • On November 12, completely unnoticed by the blog world, I broke the story of the response of the Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church to the Apostolic Constitution.

  • On November 10 I commented on the pejorative use of the term "unequivocal love" by an ex-Episcopalian in Fort Worth.

  • On September 28, I reported cryptically on the meeting of the North American Academy of Ecumenists and referred to a conversation with Alyson Barnett-Cowan.

  • On September 11, I posted a very personal account of a week and included this paragraph:
    As for me, I'm in the process of discernment about how I want to spend my time -- when I have time. I may turn back to genealogy for a while -- or I may go back to The Dunciad. I'm pretty sure I'm not going to try to blog assiduously about things Episcopal (or Anglican) or political. But who knows?
    As an update, I'll report that a free class in Chinese here at Morningside Gardens has captured my attention.

  • On September 7th I posted about a Labor Day gathering, some old chairs, and an old canoe.

  • On August 29 I posted about the Anglican roots of the Faith and Order movement and on the Inter Anglican Standing Commission on Unity Faith and Order.

  • On August 28, I posted about an article by Adrian Worsfold at the Daily Episcopalian in which he said things that I thought, and still think, show an appalling ignorance of the relationship of Anglicanism, Christian Unity, and Faith and Order.
Here, in reverse order, are a few things I have not posted about:
  • Elections of bishops
  • A court ruling against the use of eminent domain in my neighborhood
  • Defeat of marriage equality in the New York state Senate
  • Sending more troops to Afghanistan
  • Uganda
The list could be longer, but that will do for now.