Friday, August 26, 2011

Another month gone by

Another month has passed, and the current week is certainly eventful.  On Tuesday we were sitting on our porch here at Heart Lake in Northesatern Pennsylvania and we felt the cottage shaking.  Of course it was the earthquake, but for a moment we thought it was a big animal.

Now there's a hurricane bearing down on us.  We had planned to drive to New York Sunday afternoon, but now we realize that would be foolish -- we'll wait until Monday.  There's no telling what conditions will be if New York City takes a direct hit, or even a very near miss. Here at Heart Lake we're certain to get a lot of rain and maybe wind, but so far the projected path of the eye is well to the east of us.

Meanwhile, I have been working steadily at my family history, found at, or rather, that's the introductory page to the site.  I have posted the bulk of my TMG data, some of which is really not yet ready for publication, and am working on text pages to accompany it. Some of the commentary is already there.  I will be posting details about the current state of the work on my genealogy blog.