Thursday, May 24, 2007


I cannot completely ignore the news this week that +Cantuar has sent out invitations to Lambeth and that Bp. Robinson is not invited, (although he may be invited as a guest) nor is Bp. Martyn Minns. I have said elsewhere (I forget where) that I thought the best course would be for both of them to be invited. (I am ignoring the boundary crossing issue.)

Tobias Haller has a characteristically wise post In a Godward direction: Invitations Sent and Withheld on the subject and I commented there, saying, in part:

The rebuke to +Abuja is palpable. But the snub to +New Hampshire is basically an unchristian act of scapegoating and wanton cruelty. If there was an offense to the wider communion, it was committed corporately by TEC and is not embodied in the person of V. Gene Robinson. (To be perfectly clear, in my not so humble opinion, the fact that many took offense does not mean that TEC gave offense, except insofar as prophetic actions may be said to give offense.)

Rick said It seems a sensible approach, in the absence of the will to call an assembly to simply decide the substantive issue.

It isn't a matter of will -- there is as yet no mechanism in the Anglican Communion to call an assembly that can decide any substantive issue except within a single province. The communion has been grappling with the question of authority for a long time now -- there have been lots of proposals but no resolution.
(I wish Blogger let me correct my typos in comments on other people's blogs. I corrected a typo when I quoted the comment here.)

And that's all I'll say for now on the "endgame. "

In the course of preparing my paper, I typed the complete 1728 text of the Dunciad in the summer of 1982 to use as a markup copy. Since I promised to post that text, I scanned the 35 pages yesterday, and began correcting the OCR interpretation of the scan. I have now finished correcting the scan of the 250 lines of Book I. I still need to make some formatting changes and it may be Tuesday before I can actually post the text of Book I. I expect I shall be posting it not on Blogger but at my Geocities site.

Why Tuesday
Well, tomorrow (that is, Friday) morning, Liz and I are going to our cottage at Heart Lake for the Memorial Day weekend and we will not have broadband until we come back on Tuesday. But since I can upload on dial up, anything is possible.l

Stay tuned.

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