Thursday, June 14, 2007

Flag Day

Here I am at our summer cottage in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, on June 14 and you would hardly know that it’s Flag Day. I haven’t seen a flag (at least to notice) all day. We’re here to get a small break from the city, but also to check in at my mother’s house so we don’t lose momentum in the cleanout.

When I’m not doing needed tasks, like mowing the lawn or burning brush, my main activity these days is editing the 1728 Dunciad. The other day I posted Book II and the notes (the notes are still in draft form) and now I am working on Book III.

When I was working on Book II, I noticed that Pope mentioned Bishop Benjamin Hoadley. A sermon Bishop Hoadley preached in 1717 before King George I prompted the Bangorian Controversy (Hoadley was Bishop of Bangor at the time) which was essentially about authority, doctrine, and polity in the Church of England and resulted in Convocation (the predecessor of General Synod) not meeting from 1717 to 1852 (because polity – the this case the royal prerogative – trumped.) Controversy among Anglicans has quite a history. I wish I knew more about the Bangorian Cntroversy.

While I am still wholly committed to my Dunciad project, as well as trying to keep up with Anglican and Episcopal developments, not to mention dealing with my mother’s estate, I am also tempted to get reinvolved as a beta tester for TMG (The Master Genealogist.) It was here at Heart Lake that I wrote the bulk of my two chapters of Getting the Most Out of The Master Genealogist. There is beta testing to do, but I don’t know whether I will be able to find the time to actually do any. Maybe I can be lightly involved for a while.


Next Tuesday, the singing group Howl (from Howl for vexation of spirit) is performing in the context of an evensong at St. Mary’s. We are doing two world premieres: A Blues Introit for Pentecost, by our director, Jonathan David, and God’s Grandeur by Ishmael Wallace, to a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins. The Blues Introit is a setting of a short poem by David Craig:
Who is this Holy Spirit,
And what is He doing in the eggplant?

I haven’t practiced enough, but I expect to have a chance before the dress rehearsal Monday.

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