Tuesday, October 23, 2007

St James of Jerusalem

Last evening a group of us gathered in Chelsea for a little get together of bloggers, commenters and lurkers. Many of us fist met in cyberspace at MadPriest’s blog and I think I am correct that most of us frequent that blog regularly, which of course makes us quite mad too.

I was very happy to meet Mimi, Tobias, Jake and Elizabeth in person, as well as many others including Dennis the instigator, David (Dennis’ partner), Allie, Eileen, Shel (Pseudopiskie), Paul (A), Catherine (Paul’s wife), David (ReverendBoy), Dan, JohnieB, Doug (blame him) , PJ, Kathy (Klady), and Joan (Jersyjo). Also Gabe who graciously stood in for Terry (QueerforChrist). (I’m sure I’ve forgotten someone. Liz enjoyed being there too and meeting all of the folks.

This morning we drove back to Heart Lake for a final few days of the season. I hope to have more to say tomorrow, but I have to go to bed -- I'm tired.



johnieb said...

Thanks to you and Liz for shepherding the Out of Towner to his rest. It was a treat to meet ya!

Grandmère Mimi said...

Allen and Liz, It was such a pleasure to meet you. I hope we see one another again.

I join with Johnie up there to thank you for shepherding those of us who are challenged by getting around NYC. I made it back to the hotel with no trouble.

God bless you.