Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Big Week

Let’s see. On Sunday I saw for the third time a play about the last days of Socrates. It was put on by our local Morningside Players and I have promised to write a review of it for our local Morningside Gardens News.

Then on Tuesday morning I was urged to run for the Board of Directors of our co-op. After discussing it with Liz, I decided that I would indeed run.

Tuesday was indeed a big day. Right after lunch I headed up to the Columbia Dental School where I had two more dental implants – that makes a total of seven so far. These two went very easily.

Tuesday evening I attended the meeting of the Board of Directors in my capacity as a member of the Bylaws Committee. Our committee was reporting to the board on a plan to go to open market sales – the complete background to this would constitute too long a digression at this point so you’ll have to bear with me. At the board meeting, the board in effect took over the process of designing the plan to be voted on by the stockholders and established an ad hoc committee to design a complete proposal for stockholder approval. It was suggested that I be the chair of the new committee and I accepted. So now I have taken on a big responsibility – chairing the process of producing a viable plan to go to open market.

Thursday I went to the MGCA (Morningside Gardens Cooperators Assembly) meeting because of the open market question. I ended up being the major presenter on the board action -- in part because I've been around and know a lot, and in part because I play it absolutely straight -- I treat all questions, even hostile ones, as serious.

I don’t know how much time I am going to have for fun things like the blogs. I will pay attention to events in Anglicanland, but maybe only the high profile ones. We'll see.

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