Sunday, March 08, 2009


This morning I received an invitation to be become a Facebook friend of one of my Florida cousins. I joined Facebook in January 2008, but have been very inactive. In October, I became a friend to a Massachusetts cousin, but was still incative. In January, i became a friend to an internet store, Betterworld Books, but still was otherwise inactive. But tonight, I have acquired new friends from a 17 year old high school junior (I'm her uncle and godfather) to an 84 year old retired pastor (he's my uncle.) And just now I became Facebook friends with a blog friend -- one who came to Of Course I Could Be in New York. It opens up lots of possiblilities -- this person has lots of friends who I know -- some in person and some through blogs.

And so to bed.


Grandmère Mimi said...

Hi Allen. I can't get the hang of Facebook and have been mostly inactive. It can be a great time consumer. My blog keeps me busy enough that I don't really have time for Facebook, except to make new friends and then disappear.

BTW, I answered your question in a message or on your wall, I can't remember which.

Allen said...

Yes Mimi, I got your response. Thanks.
As for Facebook, I don't know whether I'll make much use of it or not. It has already put me in touch with some members of my extended family whom I rarely if ever see.