Friday, January 21, 2011

Trouble at Morningside - Two

I had planned to write something more on the troubles before now, but that didn't happen. The careful reader will recall that in this post I said (not in so many words) that I now perceive that I fell into sin when I voted a certain way at a closed session board meeting on September 14th.

For my distant friends I have to explain that at that meeting a bare majority of the board imposed certain sanctions on three board members who were officers in the last board year. The sanctions were imposed for actions the three had taken that the majority of the board deemed improper. They were not actions which were intrinsically improper -- the impropriety lies in the fact that they were undertaken without the authorization or knowledge of the entire board. I'm sorry -- I can't be more explicit.

I am now faced with the question of what to do about the results of my September 14th vote. I have struggled with that question for weeks.

Another thing that most people here at Morningide know but that my distant friends do not is that a valid stockholder petition was submitted to the president calling for a special stockholder vote to remove the three directors named in the September 14th motions. One thing I plan to do is issue a statement urging a "NO" vote on the question fo removal. That is the least I can do do.

I am pondering whether there is anything else I can do.

While I was thinking about this I encountered eight lines of a poen by Margaret Attwood:
We are hard on each other
and call it honesty,
choosing our jagged truths
with care and aiming them across
the neutral table.

The things we say are
true; it is our crooked
aims, our choices
turn them criminal.
The pom is about two peopple, but the lines seem to me to apt when I consider the state of thigs here at Morningside.

Also, this past Wednesday evening, Liz and I attended a hymn sing with Alice Parker and I heard and sang for the first time these words of Charles Wesley's:
Times without number have I prayed
"This only once, forgive";
relapsing when thy hand was stayed,
and suffered me to live.

Yet now the kingdom of thy peace,
Lord, to my heart restore;
forgive my vain repentance,
and bid me sin no more.

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Anonymous said...

Fell into to sin!!! yes fell in to Prideful behavior