Monday, July 04, 2011


We're back at Heart Lake for the summer.  This year I swear I'm going to make real progress on my family history project as well as getting the books in the attic organized.

I thought I might have separation anxiety after my term on the board at Morningside ended about two months ago, but in fact I don't.  I'm just relieved, especially given what the current board has to face.  If I feel moved to do so, I may write a little about that later.

I have agreed to remain as co-chair of the Tenant Selection Committee (our name for the admissions committee) and have also agreed to join the new Apartment Sales Committee.  Those committees are meeting on Monday and Tuesday evenings next week and I'm going back to New York for both meetings -- which means two nights away from here.  Not so long ago, it cost about $35 to make the trip -- now it's over $50.  

I'm also still Treasurer of St. Mary's, a position I want to give up, and that will take some of my attention (and gas money) this summer aas well.  I'm grateful that others, especially Warden Dorothy, are carrying a great deal of the responsibility for financial planning and keeping us on track.

 For the most part, I'm free -- freer than I've been any time since February 2003.


Anonymous said...

"Lo! the great Anarch's ancient reign restor'd,
Light dies before her uncreating word."

Allen, as you happily rusticate at Heart Lake, please consider, not only what the current Board has to face, but what all Morningsiders are confronted with, now that the best and only truly qualified General Manager we have ever had felt moved to resign. And this resignation was promptly accepted - apparently.

I hope Anarchy is too strong a word but fears are strong and deep. There is much Dullness and little in the way of Light when mature adults responsible for a Corporation in the midst of major construction and financial projects either cannot or will not try to mediate differences and resume a professional working relationship.

Can you not rally your fellow recipients of our community service awards to intercede on behalf of the Cooperative you have all served in various capacities?
When you were Board president some years back, you publicly lamented Morningside Gardens' high management turnover and recommended that we give serious thought to what we can do to recruit and retain suitable managerial talent. Well, we did just that with our most recent manager. We are worse than Dunces if we let his departure pass unchallenged.
In total sincerity, I refer to your recent concern about evil overtaking our community. Please do not let Heart Lake dull this fear. Your credibility with cooperators may be of invaluable assistance.
Now, above all, we need to pray "Deliver us from evil."

...A disheartened and distressed shareholder

Allen said...


I do not know why the manager was moved to resign and I have not seen the apparently leaked letter of resignation. But I do know that the board had no responsible choice other than to take his resignation as meant.

Interceding would indeed be anarchy -- the board has the responsibility to find a new manager. Let's let them do it.

While it is true the Mike is the best manager we've ever had. that is not because he is some kind of superhero; rather it is because until he came along we didn't know what kind of skill set we needed in a manager. I am hopeful thaf we'll be able to find a qualified replacement soon -- perhaps one of the runner up candidates from the previous search five years ago would still be interested.

Anonymous said...
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