Thursday, August 29, 2013


I spend an awful lot of time at the computer. For many years I have been listening to (classical) music on the radio all the time. Let's say for over fifty years -- when I first came to New York, there were at least three 24 hours classical musivc stations. at Heart Lake there are two -- well, they're now 24 hour, but not 24 hour music -- or not classical music. Anyway, I now mostly listen live to the BBC (Radio 3) on the computer. The music helps me work. Recently, I discovered that there are full operas and operettas on youtube. Two days age I watched the met Opera Bartered Bride with Teresa Stratas, Nicolai Gedda, Jon Vickers and Msrtti Talvea. I have long been wanting to see and hear this again, Then last night I watched the NYC Opera production of The Merry Widow, a glorious production which inspired me to mongoose a little and I'll write abohut that later. Tonight I watched a concert production of HMS Pinafore from the BBC Proms ion 2005, conducted by Charles Mackerras. The problem with videos is that I get engaged in them and don't write. Audio files without video are better for writing. More later.

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