Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Monday

Well, I did get to St. Mary’s at 6 AM for a dawn Easter Vigil. There were six of us. We had the new fire in the garden, lit the Paschal Candle, and processed into the church. After the Exsultet, I read the lesson from Exodus and we had two other lessons, read by Jim and Lysander. I found this second vigil more satisfying than the first, and I have decided to say no more here about either of them except that I was inspired and impressed by Miguel's homily.

In my last post, I didn’t mention that I was spiritually sustained in Holy Week by some fine posts by some of my favorite bloggers. The picture at Tobias’ Meditationes Viam Crucis was helpful throughout the week, but especially on Good Friday morning (I was fortunate enough to have listened to the music before I went to Binghamton last Monday.) I also liked Tobias’ poem Anamnesis. Also on Good Friday morning, there was Jonathan’s wonderful FRIDAY. And by the time we got back to New York Friday afternoon, Jonathan had posted It is finished. Jonathan’s series of disturbing contemporay images concluded with Tomb on Saturday morning and the transitional The Harrowing Of Hell on Saturday evening. On Easter Day, Jonathan brought us Resurrection which I saw in the interval between the early morning vigil and our main 10 AM service. I was especially glad for the Edmund Spenser sonnet, “Most glorious Lord of life.” Finally on Easter there is the joyous Dimanche Gras, which I saw after I got home from church the second time (or the third time if I count Saturday night.)

There were other posts from other people that I also found inspiring, helpful, or simply enjoyable, but I am running out of time today so I'll have to leave it here. This morning I am driving back up to Binghamton to see my mother and once again I'll have limited internet access until I get back.

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