Monday, April 09, 2007

Still Easter Monday

Today I drove up to Binghamton from New York to see my mother and take care of a few things at her apartment. I came back to the apartment after sitting with her for an hour after her supper. After I did the wash from her final two days here last week, I decided that I just had to let down and I began checking blogs and looking around her apartment.

I picked up a notebook I didn’t recognize and it fell open to this poem.


On Easter Day, dear Jesus Christ
Arose from out the grave.
He died upon the cross for us
Our sinful souls to save.

And so at Easter Time we go
To Sunday School to learn
About our loving Savior;
To be like Him we yearn.

And e’en when Easter’s over
We try to be like Him,
Because we know he’d have us
Be good and avoid sin.

Laura .... Written at age 12 - March 27, 1929

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