Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Following the links

Sunday mornig, October 12, I was all set to continue blogging about following links. However, I got distracted into setting up "My Blog List" and "Blogs I Follow." I need to do a lot more housekeeping on the blog and I will do that over the next few weeks (or, to be honest, possibly the next few months.)

On Monday, October 13th, Liz and I went Binghamton for errands and to visit relatives. This morning, we're back at the lake with just a few more days until we have to close up for the year. But I have some time, so I'll go back to following the links.

When I left off I was looking at Noble Wolf's Blog List. The first, that is -- most recent -- entry was for Counterlight's Peculiars which i was intending to go to next anyway. I first met Counterlight at Father Jake's, before Jake stopped stopping the world. On Saturday, Counterlight had a great post called No More Martyrs on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the death of Matthew Shepherd.

Counterlight has been blogging since June of this year -- he's been commenting on other blogs for much longer. Perhaps in a later post I will linger longer over individual blogs -- today, however, I'll move on. In Counterlight's "Blog Friends and Favorite Links," the first I haven't visited recently is The Three Legged Stool --its name identifies it as Anglican. It turns out to be the blog of James, another name well know from comments on other blogs. At The Three Legged Stool, James has a post n the convention of the Diocese of Western Louisiana. In accordance with my aim here, I will move on.

Starting at the bottom of The Three Legged Stool's "Links of Interest," I find The Wayward Episcopalian -- a blog by a senior at Dartmouth College. His most recent post is on a visit of the Presiding Bishop and the Diocesan, Bishops Katharine and Gene, to the Dartmouth campus. He can be forgiven for calling Bishop Katharine "Very Reverend" rather than "Most Reverend." I move on, as usual.

At the bottom of "Episcopal Links and Blogs" at The Wayward Episcopalian, I find The Reverend Boy, another blogger known to me. I wasn't going to, but I left a comment there. And now I'll move on.

At the top of the Reverend Boy's Blogroll is Andrew Plus, the blog of a priest in the Diocese of Bethlehem, the diocese where I am physically located right now. It's getting late in the day and I'm tired, so I'll start off the next post with Andrew.

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The Wayward Episcopalian said...

Whoops, you're absolutely right! I demoted her to a dean, how foolish of me!

Thank you for both the correction and the link.