Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More links

I decided not to linger over Andrew Plus -- most of his recent posts are more serious than I want to tackle right now. So I'll move on to the blogroll. At the top is A Blogspotting Anglican Episcopalian, so I'll go there. For a change I think I'll scroll down to see who has commented on a post. The first comment I find is by The Wayward Episcopalian whom I have already visited. The next two comments (on a post about Anne Holmes Redding, the priest who has become a muslim) are from people who seem interesting in their own pright, but don't have blogs that interest me right now. Next are two comments on a post about Father Geoff Farrow -- the first is a reference to the fact that Grandmere Mimi has posted on the topic and the second is from someone without a blog.

Moving on, I find no other comments without going to "older posts", so I go over to the blogroll. The first entry is A Guy in thePew, Chuck Blanchard, whose current posts are understandably political. He picked up from another site a wonderful bumper sticker: Micah 6:8, Obama '08. On reflection, he states that he has reservations about it, for good reason, but I think that this particular bumper sticker does not point towards a theocracy. In any case, I checked out the blogroll at A Guy in the Pew and the first real bog that I had not visited in this cycle was Caught By The Light, by Richard Helmer. Richard's most recent post is a sermon from a few weeks ago, so I move on again, to Acts of Hope by JaneR. Here I am back on home turf, for reasons I'll go into in my next post.

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