Tuesday, September 02, 2014

New Rector?

Tonight I will be part of a discussion with the Rector Designate of St. Mary's Manhattanville as we discuss compensation.  Under Diocesan guidelines, I cannot yet say who the person is.  That has to wait until the Letter of Agreement is signed by the Bishop.

Liz was on the search committee and thinks the person is a good choice and will be good for St. Mary's.  From what I know of her, I too think she is a good choice.  I hope and pray she will end up signing a letter of agreement.

Our problem is financial.  We have been operating at a deficit for the past few years and at this time of year we have a severe cash flow problem, exacerbated this year by the loss of rental income from our major income producing spaces.

We need a rector badly, to provide administrative leadership along with other other leadership.

I can say the Rector Designate is a woman, becasue it was no secret that all of the finalists were women.  Since two of the Philadelphia Eleven were from St. Mary's, it's appropriate that we finally get a woman as rector.  (We have had several women assisting or as interims or regular supply.)

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