Monday, September 22, 2014

St. Mary's at the People's Cliamte March

Our good friend Winnie Varghese took this picture of some of the St. Mary's contingent at the march.
Holding the banner at the left is one of this year's interns, Spencer, next to him is former intern Sydney Korngay, then Liz, then looking to the left Andre Zucker, next is Janet Dorman, then someone I don't know the name of, then partially obscured Lisa Slocum, then peeking over the banner is Lysander Puccio, then another person I don't know, and finally yours truly.

Here's another picture of the banner, also by Winnie:

Holding the banner is another intern, Lillian, and in the lower right corner is our junior warden, Celia Braxton.

St. Mary's people who marched but aren't in these pictures include Dane, Armando Howard, Bonnie Phelps, Evie Fortna, Dorothy Ross, Lynda Burton, Shirrell Patterson, Sheila Patterson, Marilyn Seven, and maybe others we didn't see.  Among the alums that I know of besides Winnie were Chloe Breyer and Ansel Scholl, and Anne Ditzler.  Thanks to Janet for helping remember who was there.

All in all, a pretty good turnout.

I apologize that I don't know everyone's surname.

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