Friday, May 23, 2008

Open Market and Tiles

Liz was very caught up in the campaign to defeat the proposal to go to open market pricing here at Morningside Gardens. I supported that effort, but there were a couple of reasons that I felt unable to take an active role in the campaign.

On Wednesday, the day before the vote, however, I did help in flyering one of the buildings -- I doubt whether the flyers distributed that late had much of an effect on the vote -- and they certainly didn't change the outcome.

I'm not saying what the outcome was, because I am writing this before the results have been officially released.

On Thursday evening, as I was looking at my calendar as the Personnel Committee tried to select a date for our next meeting, I realized that once again I had missed the Wednesday night Bible study.

This morning, Liz and I are going to Heart Lake for part of the Memorial Day weekend. We have not yet decided when we will return, but it will probably be on Monday -- in part it depends on what we find there and in part on how anxious we are to get back home.

The campaign against open market pricing has had a significant effect on our domestic life -- things have bee n put of that we are eager to get back to. Also, we are leaving for Vermont and then Hamilton in just over a week, so there is pressure to be here in New York and not off in the country.

We have been having work done at the cottage. One of the biggest pieces was tiling the kitchen -- we used tles that had been left over from our kitchen at home. There is no clear demarcation between the kitchen and a downstairs study, but we want one more row of tiles to make the kitchen area a lttle larger. Both on Monday and yesterday, we went looking for more tiles that would blend in with those already on the floor. Finally, we found some and we will be taking them with us for the contractor to use in the next few weeks.

I have no idea what state the kitchen will be in when we get there -- we expect it at least to be usable for cooking -- and we will probably be able to start putting things away -- that is, if the countertops are installed. We'll see.

I'm posting this even though i have more to say.

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