Monday, May 26, 2008

Tiles and Open Market

Open market was defeated. Now Liz's and my attention can turn to other things.

We went to Heart Lake on Friday and found Brad and his son just wrapping up in the kitchen. We were fairly wiped out when we got there and didn't do very much Friday night -- oh, I almost forgot about the water. Brad had turned on the water for us, but had discovered that the bathtub wouldn't shut off -- and I don't have shut off valves just for the tub, so he turned the water o.ff at the tank. I took a look late Friday to see if there was anything I could do. There wasn't, so we in effect camped out, but at least we had water to fill pails. My main task Saturday was mowing the lawn -- it's a big lawn, the grass was very high -- and it took me four or more hours. After that I didn't feel like tackling the water system.

We decided to leave the tiles as they are for now -- so we have ten extra tiles.

For several reasons we did not stay at Heart Lake for the entire weekend. We drove back to NY early Sunday morning so as to get to church for the 10 AM service. Earl preached and Luis Barrios celebrated.

Now it's Tuesday so I'll post this.

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