Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Trinity Eve

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was running for the Board of Directors here at Morningside Gardens. Well, I was elected as I foresaw and there was also an effort on the part of some board members to persuade me to run for president of the coop. Luckily for me, there weren't enough votes to elect me, so I escaped. I was nominated at the organizational meeting, but I declined. If it had come toa vote and if I had voted for myself the result would have been a five-five tie, which would have launched the year on a note that I think would have been singularly unfortunate.

In addition to real life, which we have had a little time for, Liz and I have been very engaged in the current debate here at Morningside Gardens over open market pricing. I hope it is voted down and I have been helping those who are actively campaigning for its defeat. I have not felt able to actually campaign publicly against it myself -- for a number of reasons I won't go into here. But my opposition is no secret.

The engagement with Morningside Gardens affairs has been enormously absorbing and even distracting. For example, this past Wednesday I completely forgot to go to the next to last session of a Bible study series using Crossan's God and Empire as a basis. Oh well, there's one more session -- I hope nothing keeps me from that.

My 50th college reunion is coming up in three weeks. Liz and I are going to Vermont to visit Amanda and her parents Jane and Scott at the beginning of that week and then we'll drive to Clinton on the Thursday for the reunion.

I think I have only been on campus once since 1958, and that was only to drive through without stopping shortly after Liz and I were married. My memories of college life are not entirely happy -- but I am glad to be going back this year. So far, none my particular friends from that time have indicated they will be there --- I haven't kept up with anyone, so I have to check the alumni web pages to see who's coming. Anyway, it will be interesting.

Also this spring, Liz and I are having work done on our Heart Lake cottage kitchen, and we have visited the cottage twice -- each time was a day trip. We'll have to get up there next week to mow the lawn.

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